Debunking Education Myths About Blacks

(The Root) — U.S. census data show that when you look at Americans ages 15 to 25, there are 3.9 million fewer white males now than there were in 1970, and 2.5 million more black males. So why do we so often hear phrases like, “The reality is … African-American males are a dying breed”? (And have you ever noticed that “breed,” “extinct” and “endangered” are terms reserved for animals and black males?) Questioning such notions, which are not based on fact but are repeated so often that they have been treated as gospel truth, is the mission of Show Me the Numbers.

This new monthly series, published in association with Howard University’s Journal of Negro Education, of which I am editor-in-chief, will provide a big-picture analysis of some of the most pressing educational and social issues facing African Americans. The series will also break down national data to dispel common myths and challenge conventional wisdom about education in black America. (Read more)