It’s Not Too Late To Graduate!

About Us

The Academy for Urban Scholars is a brick and mortar high school whose curriculum is designed to provide differentiated learning for every student. Each student is given a customized Individual Learning Plan (ILP).

The 3 E’s

The AUS focus is to ensure each student who graduates is prepared for the 3 E’s:backpack2

  • Enrollment
  • Employment
  • Enlistment

Why Choose AUS?

• Blended Learning
• Face to Face Instruction
• Online Instruction
• Differentiated Instruction
• Life-Coaches
• Boys Basketball
• Spoken Word Competition
• College Visits
• ACT/SAT Testing
• Year Round School
• Prom
• Field Trips
• OTES Model

Graduation Requirements

grad-req2• 4.0 Math
• 4.0 English
• 3.0 Science
• 3.0 Social Studies
• 5.0 Electives
• 0.5 PE
• 0.5 Health
• Capstone

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AUS Success Stories



What our students have to say about their experience at The Academy for Urban Scholars.


“I knew I could do it…AUS did too.”

“The teachers care. We knew they wanted to see us do well.”


“I passed my OGT…did better than I thought I could.”